Honorable Mention / 2020 / Fine Art / Architecture


Looking at cityscapes in Tokyo, I feel as if the city has fallen into a state of amnesia.
I've photographed the architecture of the city in the hope of keeping memories of places that might suddenly be lost. However, I came up with an image that was created by superimposing multiple images of a single building taken from different viewpoints, where space intersects and time is twisted.
Although these reconstructed images are far removed from our spatial perception, I can't help feeling that the complexity and contradictions arising from the accumulation of memories of places lie within them.

I am a photographer and a registered architect in Japan.
I was born in 1972 in Sapporo and resides in Tokyo.
Concerned by the rapid change in Japanese cities, particularly in
Tokyo, I began to photograph Japanese modern architecture and
cityscape in 2005.
My theme of creation is what documents and visualizes the
irreproducibility of the city which is caused by conflict between the
continuously changing cityscape and the memory of place being
accumulated in the city.

Awards [AWARD]
2019 Moscow International Foto Award 2019, Places of Amnesia, Gold (Science/Environment)
2017 LA FABRICA PHOTO LONDON BOOK DUMMY AWARD, Nominated for one of the 20 shortlisted works
2017 International Photography Awards 2017 Competition, Honorable Mention (Architecture:Cityscapes, Fine Art:Collage, Book(Self-published):Fine Art, Book(Self-published):Other)
2017 ISTANBUL PHOTOBOOK FESTIVAL FUAM DUMMY BOOK AWARD, Nominated for one of the 34 shortlisted works
2016 Steidl Book Award Japan, Nominated for one of the 44 longlisted works
2015 International Photography Awards 2015 Competition, Honorable Mention(Fine Art:Collage)
2015 The PX3 2015 PHOTO COMPETITION, Honorable Mention(Fine Art:Abstract)
2014 ONWARD Compe '14, Finalist
2012 PENTAX RICOH Photo Contest, winning a prize

[Solo Exhibitions]
2020 Reconstructed : Gallery Tosei, Tokyo, Japan
2016 invisible cities : Pinco Palino Tokyo. Tokyo, Japan

[Selected Group Exhibition]
2018 The Book Dummy Award 2017, Photo London, London, UK
2018 PHOTOBOOK AS OBJECT PHOTOBOOK WHO CARES in Photobook / NZ, The Engine Room, Whiti o Rehua School of Art, Massey University, Wellington, New Zealand
2017 The Photobook Show of the Athens Photo Festival 2017, One of 350 Selected Photobooks, Benaki Museum, Athens, Greek
2017 NEW WAVE Handmade photobooks from Tokyo, Hardwick Gallery, University of Gloucestershire, Cheltenham, Gloucestershire, UK
2016 Special Exhibition: Steidl Book Award Japan, The Tokyo Art Book Fair 2016, Tokyo, Japan
2016 Photobook As Object Exhibition by workshjop participants, Remminders Photography Stronghold, Tokyo, Japan
2014 ONWARD Compe '14 : Annual International photography competition finalists exhibition, Project Basho, Philadelphia, U.S.A
2012 PENTAX RICOH Photo Contest Exhibition, Pentax forum gallery, Tokyo, Japan

2016 Tokyo Perspective, Self Publishing limited 50 copies
2011 7 Factores of cities, Self Publishing limited 50 copies