Honorable Mention / 2020 / Portraiture / Family

Children prisoner in their home

  • Photographer
    Santiago Martinez de Septien
  • Credit

Well, this is my house and these are my three children prisoner in their home after six weeks of strict confinement in Spain.
Good weather arrives & the sun shines bright.
Fortunately, this unhappy episode seems that is now behind us.

Awards Awards
IPA-LATIN 2018 "Discovery of the Year" , Taking Ballet Lessons
IPA-ES 2017, Silver "Runner" (Sports)
CHROMATIC AWARDS 2019, 1st prize in fine arts
CHROMATIC AWARDS 2018, 3er prize in fine arts

16th Lucie Awards. "Discovery of the Year" Oct 2018 New York

2017 FAPA "Road to nowhere" (Travel)
2017 FAPA "Slipping away" (Street Photography)
2018 FAPA "Returns" (People)
2018 FAPA "En las Horas Oscuras" (People)
2019 FAPA "When Depression Comes in Wawes" (Seascape)
2019 FAPA "Ballet for Kids" (People)

Honorable Mentions
2020 iPhone Photography Awards "Széchenyi, Budapest. (travel)
2020 Monovisions Photography Awards "The summer is now behind us..." (Fine Art)
2019 Tokyo International Photography Awards. Blinded By The Sunlight " (Children)
2019 Neutral Density Photography Awards "The summer is now behind us..." (Children & Family)
2019 International Photography Awards "Look up Child" (People -Children)
2019 International Photography Awards "The arrival of the troops of the Legion" (Event-Traditions and Cultures)
2019 Monovisions "Taking Ballet Lessons" (Fine Art)
2018 Monochrome Photography Awards "Ballet Lessons" (Fine Art)
2018 Monochrome Photography Awards "Depression Comes in Waves" (Fine Art)
2018 Monochrome Photography Awards "Today is Gone" (Conceptual)
2017 Monochrome Photography Awards "Amanece en la Toscana" (Landscapes)
2017 Monochrome Photography Awards "My Way" (Conceptual)

2018 Fusion Art 2nd Black & White International Art Exhibition - May 2018 Finalist

Best on Show, New York Oct 2018. Lucie Awards Week
PX3 Paris Photo Awards & IPA 2018/19 ‚FOREMOST‘ EXHIBITION. Jan 2020. Okinawa, Japan.
Vienna International Photo Award, July 2020, Viena Austria.
Best on Show, Bangkok Nov 2018
Best of Show, Manila, Philippines, Jun 2019​
Best of Show, House of Lucie Los Angeles CA USA May 2018
Blipoint Festival 2019, Barcelona, Spain