Honorable Mention / 2020 / Fine Art / Other

Im Dunkeln

With my project IM DUNKELN - In Darkness - I wanted to convey a sense of otherworldliness: portraits of souls from another realm. Not ghosts but portraits of us, of that which is removed from the tangible world of our experiences of self, often beyond words and comprehension: looking out but neither here nor there.

Existing in an un-named place that offers protection from the gaze of those who notice us, free to be how we believe we really are and yet imprisoned in our reclusive escape.

I feel that this photograph has a new resonance in the current world of isolation we live through.

I am a self-taught fine art and street photographer based in Bristol, England.

In my street work I seek out the melancholic and at times absurd aspects of the human condition. I am interested in capturing some of the profound yet fleeting moments of our lives and often revert to greyscale photographs to create images that resonate.

In my portrait and fine art nude work I photograph many of my artist friends who I share my life with.

I also create photographic experiences for the public who I invite to be photographed in especially created sets and scenarios in public places.

Awards Honourable Mention - PX3 2019

Two Honourable Mentions - International Photography Awards One Shot Street Contest

Honourable Mention - Moscow International Photography Awards 2018

Special Mention, - Art Though The Lens 2016, The Yeiser Arts Centre, Paducah, Kentucky, USA