Honorable Mention / 2020 / Fine Art / Other

My Mother’s Life : A Woman from the Showa Era

My mother was born in 1932, during the Showa era. It was considered a virtue that the wives at that time should be obedient to the husbands. My mother had obeyed my tyrannical father, like a slave. I had been looking down on her way of life. But seeing my mother taking care of my father devotedly until the day he died, my way of thinking about her life had changed. I think my mother have struggled to fulfill her role as a woman in the Showa era. She had accepted everything and resigned herself to her fate. I want to express her inner fortitude as a woman living through that era.

I am trying to explore my subconscious and visualize it. This is because I was able to be healed and take a positive attitude by doing so. I have lived in the world of commercial photography for a long time, but for the rest of my days, I would like to look at and express the difficulty of being alive and the darkness of the heart that we all experience.

Awards ・2020 : Critical Mass Finalist Top 200
・2020 : 15th Julia Margaret Cameron Awards , 4 Honorable Mentions
・2020 : PX3 Prix de la Photographie de Paris , Honorable Mention
・2020 : International Photography Awards( IPA2020 ) , Honorable Mention
・2018 : International Photography Awards( IPA2018 ) , Honorable Mention