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The Surma Donga

The Surma are an ethnic group of Southern Nations of Ethiopia. Their main ceremony is the “Donga”. When harvest finish, a few chosen warriors fight with wooden sticks (“donga”) to proclaim virility, revenge past affronts or seeking bride. Warriors, who fight naked wearing just a few homemade protections, come dancing. There is a tight control during the fight: to win but not to kill. Sometimes there are deaths. Winners pick up necklaces weaved by single girls and dance blowing whistles to proclaim victory. The Surma get Kalashnikov from Sudan. Often they shoot to the air; sometimes among them.

"I'm a passionated traveler. I try to catch what amazes me in photographs and writtings."

Awards –National Geographic’s Daily Dozen (06/18/2018)
–NIKON Calendar 2020 (Month of February)
– Included in Magnum Photography Awards Gallery 2017
– Paris PX3 Prix de la Photographie: 1 Gold in 2019, 2020; 1 Bronze in 2020, 2018; Honorable Mention in 2020, STATE of the WORLD
– Fine Art Photography Awards (FAPA): 2nd place in 2019, 3 Nominee in 2020, 1 in 2019, 1 in 2018
– ND Awards (Neutral Density Photography Awards) : 3rd place 2020; 5 Honorable Mentions in ND Awards 2020, 3 in 2018
– International Photography Awards (IPA): 3 Honorable Mentions in 2019, 1 in 2020.
– Siena International Awards Photocontest (SIPA): Remarkable artwork in 2017. Finalist in 2018, 2020.
– International Photographer of the Year Awards (IPOTY): 3 honorable mentions in 2017
– Monochrome Photography Awards: 2 honorable mentions in 2020
– Wildlife Photographer of the year (WLPY): Final round in 2015, 2018, 2020.
– Asférico Photocontest: Final round in 2018.