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Four Seasons

"Four Seasons" is a personal project I have been consistently working on since early 2019. In actuality, I have have been working on this project in the background for over 10 years. This project is in tribute to the artwork around China showing the same place in four different seasons. As I began working on it last year, it quickly became clear that this would be a monumental task as Beijing has so many incredible locations to photograph. It also contained locations that were very meaningful to me that may not be on people's radar. These first photos are the outline of a book I plan to make.

Hi, I'm Joshua Haller. I'm a photographer and designer living and working out of Bellingham, USA.

Someone once remarked that photography is in my blood. That resonates with me. I don't just take photos; creating photographic art is part of who I am. I capture moments, looking for what lies beneath the surface - the moods, emotions, and character of people and places.