Honorable Mention / 2020 / Fine Art / Digitally Enhanced

we are the dead

With George Orwell’s 1984 in mind, I created nine images that resemble a nightmare. The protagonists are not part of Orwell’s universe; instead, they act inside a non-place and non-time. These nightmarish snapshots use symbolic and surrealistic elements, to describe the struggle against the oppression of personal freedom, with an uncertain outcome.

It is up to the viewer to seek the connection with themselves, the present and reality.

Photography is my way of communicating thoughts, feelings and concepts that are impossible to express in a different way. I aim to create pictures that take the viewer to an imaginary world, a different kind of reality. Behind each image, there is a whole process, from the forming of the idea until its realization.

Inspiration can come from anywhere: a song, a story, a conversation I heard on the street, an everyday scene or anything that may arouse my interest. Just a single word can lead to a whole story, which I then impress onto an image.

Awards 1st place, “The old han, a live space” contest, Photography Center of Thessaloniki/Bensousan Han/Lavart, 2018

2nd place, IEK ESP contest, 2017

Selection at the Portfolio contest, Photometria Festival, Ioannina, 2015

Special Selection, Contest about chocolate, Center of Photography-Thessaloniki, 2014

Honourable mention, 46th Coloured Digital Photography contest, Hellenic Photographic Society, 2014