Honorable Mention / 2020 / Fine Art / Abstract


  • Photographer
    Giovanni De Benedetto

PREMATURE is a fine art photography project where the aesthetic power of the artist's original klecksography paintings is enhanced through the mean of photography.
Each painting is photographed when the paint still wet, making the painting eternally fresh and highlighting the details of the textures, all made possible only by the use of photography.
The decontextualization of the photo of the painting is the main innovation where the original painting serves only as a matrix to be augmented by the mean of photography, which leads to its photo print, intended as the definitive piece of art.

Giovanni De Benedetto is an Italian visual artist who works with photography, video art and music.
His projects have multiple points of view and the observer is an active part of the creative process, where each artwork has been made with the intention to shake the spectator from the inside.
Starting from 2012 he took part in several solos and collective exhibitions with his main project PREMATURE, exhibiting in cities like Venice, Paris, Miami Beach, Berlin, and Bangkok.
His work has been published by several art magazines and catalogs including Inside Art and The Exposure Award.