/ 2020 / Nature / Domestic Animals


  • Prize
    Silver in Nature/Domestic Animals
  • Photographer
    Timothy Floyd
  • Credit
    Timothy Floyd

This project started after processing a photograph I made of Raisa's jaw. It developed into a portfolio of horses that I know, and who know me. I discovered a sublime, sensual beauty in the curves and muscles of their bodies that reminded me of complex landscapes and human female nudes.

I am an independent, amateur documentary photographer and a surgeon. I have published several photographs and articles in newspapers and magazines. I also published a book of photographs from the 2003 Iraq Invasion titled, "Aid and Comfort to the Enemy: A Surgeon's View of the War in Iraq."

My documentary photography involves long-term work on complex subjects affecting humanity and the natural world.

Awards Best of Show, 2001 Northwest Exhibition of Environmental Photography, Art Wolfe juror
Finalist, 2014 Nature Photographer of the Year
Exhibitions include Chicago Cultural Center, Center for Photographic Art in Carmel, Russell Senate Office Rotunda, Carnegie Museum of Natural History.