Honorable Mention / 2019 / Book / Documentary

The Necropolis Project - 1945 - Volume 1

  • Photographer
    Susanne Junker and many more , Germany
  • Studio
    Necropolis Project

A necropolis is a city of the dead in antiquity. In Berlin of today, there are about 220 burial places for the victims of war and tyranny (WWI and WWII/1945) ā€“ a modern necropolis with single and frighteningly many mass graves as an urban layer in the midst of daily life. The victims remain almost invisible, regardless of their origin, age, role, fate.
The necropolis project combines photography as visualization of conflicts, war, and civil war, atrocities, destruction and death with various media such as digital graphics, film, literature, music and sounds to digital collages and montages.