Honorable Mention / 2019 / Fine Art / Abstract

Timeless Buildings

  • Photographer
    Miguel Franco Botticelli

The goal of this project is to photograph architectural buildings of cities all over the world, which are hundreds of years old, in analog large format 4x5 and medium format 6x7. Each photo has up to 100 shots in a single sheet of film. All effects result directly in the camera, on the negative. I wanted to compress time and the behavior of space in one picture for the observer.

Miguel Franco Botticelli is a professional Architecture and Art Photographer.
He is of German nationality of Spanish/Italian descent.

At George Eastman Museum Rochester, USA and in Germany he studied historic processes of photography.

March till June 2008 - First solo exhibit “Havana–A Glimpse into Daily Life” was displayed at a Bank in Germany.

2007-2010 he presented his project “Venice-Classic and Beautiful” for collectors in Spain and Italy.

2012 he graduated as filmmaker at New York Film Academy at Universal Studios Hollywood, California, USA and founded his company Cinema Fotoreisen.