Honorable Mention / 2019 / Fine Art / Landscape

Impressions at the Mediterranean sea

Javea in Spain is a beautiful place at the Mediterranean sea. The Photos belong to my seconded project after starting Photography again in 2017 after a break of 25 years.

Born in 1964 in Kempten (Allgäu) - Germany, he started in 1981 with the Photography. As a pure autodidact he develops the knowledge and photographed only for himself and friends.
In 1996, after finishing his business studies, he moved to Madrid - Spain. There he lived and worked as a financial and managing director of various multinational companies. Life changed and also the focal points. So that the Photography only played a role in the form of snapshots of the family.
In 2017, photography began to gain importance again. Now living again in Germany near Mannheim, he worked hard again as autodidact to learn all in the now available digital photography.

But in contrast to the past, the projects are now clearly in space and time defined. As a clear distinction from the fast-paced mobile phone snapshot world are his pictures with a few exceptions are all black and white and square in format. The suggestion is through isolation, excerpts and new perspectives show the beauties and wonders of creation.

He always was inspired by Ansel Adams, who was with his books in the first stage of photographic live the “teacher”. In the new face from 2017 on he studied now also Sudek, Kenna, Giacommeli and began to develop an new way of working. Still using Zonesystem and visualisation as Adams was proclaiming now he started more using different speeds, working at night and showing movements in the photos and he discovered the strength of negative space. Also his tools changed. Did he work in the past a lot with zoom lenses, now he has 4 prime lenses from 18mm to 135mm and uses his feet as zoom following the rule “If a photo is not good, you have not been close enough”.