Honorable Mention / 2018 / Press / General News

108 Years Later

  • Photographer
    Andrea Scirè

108 Years Later

On November 3rd, 2016 the Chicago Cubs, an American
professional baseball team based in Chicago, have become World
Series Champions; they won their first Fall Classic in 108 years,
beating the Cleveland Indians in 10-game 8-7 in Game 7 at
Cleveland's Progressive Field.

A week before the final match, the whole city changed, each wall
was signed with the "W" symbol, every woman and man, every old
man and child, every black and white man, every policeman and
thief are been united for a dream.

A moment of humanity through the sport, an emotion awaited for
108 years.

Chicago November 2016

Awards • PX3 2020: Bronze (Trust Me - Advertising/Self Promotion)
• PX3 2020: Bronze (10 days after there was only silence - Street Photography )
• PX3 2020: Honorable Mention Winner (Alter Ego)
• IPA 2020: Honorable Mention Winner (Trust Me - Advertising/Self Promotion)
• TIFA 2019: Silver (Trust Me - Advertising/Self Promotion)
• PX3 2018: Honorable Mention Winner (108 Years Later)
• PX3 2017: First Prize on category Press and General News series “White Soul”
• IPA 2017: Second Prize category Traditions and Cultures series “White Soul”
• IPA 2016: Honorable Mention Winner (About the human sense of God)
• FIIPA 2016: Honorable Mention Winner (cat. Street Photography)
• WSP 2016: Special Mention Winner (a few years later)
• IPA 2015: Honorable Mention Winner (Italian Summer)
• IPA 2015: Honorable Mention Winner (A Good Friday)
• IPA 2015: Honorable Mention Winner (Behind the scenes)
• IPA 2015: Honorable Mention Winner One Shot Competition (Home)
• PX3 2015: Honorable Mention Winner (Behind the scenes)
• WSP 2015: Special Mention Winner (About life)
• PX3 2014: Honorable Mention Winner (Passion)