Honorable Mention / 2018 / Fine Art / Digitally Enhanced


  • Photographer
    Gregor Radonjič

Spaces reflect various aspects of our existance, relationships, and
experiencing the world. I explored a visual experience of spaces
with images altered in a way that both halves of an image represent
the same motif seen through different digital resolutions. Such
manipulation creates a non-intended abstract effect of a landscape
photography and brings out the question of ''photographed reality’’.
Of course, this is still a photography. In such a way, digital
landscape images are not pure documentations anymore, but rather
works somewhere between fiction and abstraction, metaphors of an
outlook on the world and beyond.

I am a photographer based in Maribor, Slovenia (EU). My work was selected several times for the Month of photography festival, the largest photo event in Slovenia. I was also selected two times for Budapest Art Photo Market by two Slovenian leading galleries: Stolp Gallery and Photon gallery. So far, my biography includes 23 solo exhibitions in different countries, over 50 group exhibitions and 3 published books. In past two decades and half I have won several national photographic society awards and have been nominated as honorable mention photographer in several distinguished world contests.