Honorable Mention / 2018 / Fine Art / People_FA


  • Photographer
    Win Nox

When the image disappears, the light of the retina does not immediately
become dark, but the residual light is seen, just like the principle of
playing movies. When we see that the images of the fragments are
actually continuous, the art and style are not always the same. In line
with this age and trend, the future? No one knows, but now I record my

Awards 2016 PX3-Silver-Non-Professional Portraiture, Wedding
2016 PX3-Gold-Non-Professional Portraiture, Wedding
2017 IPA-Non-Professiona Prize 3rd Place in People /Wedding*1&Honorable Mention*3
2017 PX3-Silver-Non-Professional Advertising/Beauty&Honorable Mention
2018 IPA-- Professional Honorable Mention
2018 PX3-- Professional Honorable Mention