Honorable Mention / 2018 / Fine Art / Other_FA


  • Photographer
    Patricia Borges

PRIVATE photographic series is composed of 45 digital images
printed on solid acrylic blocks at 1:1 scale.

Enclosed on transparent surface, glimpses of suggested intimacy
become even more inaccessible.

There is a multiple sense of touch impediment as hands trapped
behind the screen aim to trespass its limits, towards us and
toward each other. Here viewers are more like voyeurs.

On the opposite way of extreme public exposure at social media
times - where all information is given - minimal detail seems
sufficient to entice imagination and suggest what is left out of
focus and out of the frame.

The essay presents many possible narratives according to ones
personal perceptions. Given what happens when we interpret
private shadows in real life, nothing is exactly what it seems to be.
And we benefit from doubt to construct the story that pleases the

Patricia Borges (1974) was born in Brazil, grew up in several cities and countries, and returned to Rio de Janeiro in 2014.
Graduated Architect and Urban Planner, she studied photography at the ACP Australian Centre for Photography in Sydney, AU.
In 2015 she got a Jewelry Design degree from Istituto Europeo di Design and in 2016 a Cinematographer degree from AIC - International Academy of Cinema/RJ. She is currently studying Video Art at EAV - Escola de Artes Visuais Parque Lage and Screenplay at the AIC.
In 2018 her work was displayed at Le Salon des Artistes Français in Paris.

Awards 1st prize Florence Biennale 2013
1sr prize Biennale di Roma 2014
Px3 - Prix de La Photographie Paris 2018 - honorable mention