Honorable Mention / 2018 / Advertising / Architecture

The Bow

  • Photographer
    Cyrille Dubreuil

The fast acceleration of the online economy development and the
e-commerce revolution has obviously changed the way people shop,
but it also has somehow surreptitiously transformed - discreetly but
deeply - the landscape and architecture of our suburban areas.
I witnessed firsthand how these logistic buildings have mushroomed
and quietly transformed vast suburban areas. They move closer to the
core of our cities, and their imposing architecture rapidly alters our
environment. Through my lens I watch, as our landscape takes new
and stranger forms, more alien shapes. I did not intend to focus on
those forms at first, but somehow a pattern appeared when I saw all
these images on my screen. In my eyes they emerge like huge cargo
ships, exposing valiantly their bow to the horizon, ploughing through
the waves. Their minimalistic bare walls possess a certain abstract
purity and geometric photographic quality.

Professional photographer based in Paris (France) I have been specializing myself in the fields of architecture, industry and construction for almost 20 years (Hong Kong, Italy, United States).

Awards PX3 2021 Competition - Honorable Mention for "p : Machinery - Machine Aesthetic"
The 2019 Chelsea International Photography Competition (New York): Selected for the 2nd Annual Exhibition at Agora Gallery
PX3 2018 Competition - Honorable Mention for "The Bow"
Tokyo International Foto Awards 2018 - Honorable Mention for "The Bow"
IPA 2018 - Honorable Mention for "The Bow"
Critical Mass 2018 Top 200 Finalist
Moscow International Foto Awards 2016 - Honorable Mention for "Electric Power Plant - Toul"