Honorable Mention / 2018 / Press / Sports

Play The Game Over

This is a selection from my ongoing project about Esports "Play
The Game Over".
The Esports are the last frontier of competitive sports practiced
with seriousness and professionalism.
Team of young athletes who face each other in videogames of
different kind to win the prize offered by the organizing circuit.

The project wants to describe this sport not only with the live
matches and events but also with everything behind the scenes of
this world.
Esports bar, streamers, retro gaming, professional figures,
sponsors, schools and much more.

In this selection you can see the Italian "Team Forge".
The athletes, their public and their love.

Videogames hit our homes in 70’s.
In the 80’s the first “Space Invaders” Championship.
In 2014 the “League of Legends” tournament is played in the Seoul
Esports has been officially declared Olympic sport in 2017.

Jacopo Scarabelli is a professional photographer based in Milan, Italy.

He trained as a photographer in the photographic studio owned by his family
He managed the transition from analogue to digital in the photographic Lab and begins to make professional photo shoots on assignments.

He begins to travel the world and he start to package bigger projects.
He's been exhibited and awarded with travel and landscape projects "Sri Lanka" and "Surrealitalia".

He starts to work on documentary photography projects after a 2 years specialization.
"Play The Game Over" is the first of them.

Awards Published on the "Nikon Italia", "Nikon Europe" and "National Geographic Italia" Social Media pages.
Exhibition "Sri Lanka: Images in movement" from the self-published book "Sri Lanka. A Book of Travel Photography".
Semifinalist at Siena International Photography Contest 2016.
Exhibition "Surrealitalia" in the Milan Malpensa International Airport and during the Milano Photo Week.
Featured on LensCulture Emerging Talents Awards.

Honorable Mention at the International Photography Awards 2017.
Honorable Mention at the PX3 2018