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There are many aluminum factories in Bangladesh where
different types of pots are made from recycled and melted
aluminum. To produce a bowl, or an aluminum kettle, one must
first melt this aluminum, turn it into ingots, laminate it, and cut
it into discs. Then comes the anodizing, a dangerous and toxic
chemical process to produce a coating that will prevent objects
from rusting. The aluminum discs are soaked in sulfuric acid
and caustic soda. The smell is unbearable. Protected by a
meager piece of cloth, women and men work all day for a 3
dollars a day salary.
The discs are then formed manually with rotating machines to
obtain kitchen tools. The workplace is very hazardous and he
production of pots in these factories produces a lot of nefarious
aluminum dust. Medical studies have shown that extensive
exposure to such dusts could cause lung damages, as well as
Alzheimer's diseases.

French-American, Valerie Leonard travels the world following her theme that she named “Labours of Hercules" where she attempts to show with utmost respect the dignity of women and men living and working in particularly hostile environments.

She takes the time to live with the people and be fully accepted before starting her work.
There is no staging, with patience and respect, she waits for the right moment, the right light to tell the truth, but in terms of beauty.
Far from seeking aesthetic or false compassion she intends to change the way we see a forgotten humanity.

Awards 2018
1st Prize Zoom Photo Festival Saguenay. Canada.
Hon.Mention PX3 Paris/ Press/ Book Documentary
Hon.Mention PX3 Paris/ Press/ Feature Story
Silver Medal ND Awards/ Editorial Environment
Hon.Mention ND Awards/ General news
Winner Pollux Awards/ Documentary
Hon.Mention SDN
Hon.Mention IPA/ Environmental
Bronze star Award ND Awards/ People, Travel
2nd Prize APA Awards/ Documentary Editorial
Gold Medal Documentary Book Prix PX3 Paris
Nom. Fine Art Photography Awards/ Portrait, Travel, Animals, People
2nd Prize "The Other Hundred" Educator's edition
1st Prize Florida Museum Photographic Arts/ Nature, Animals
Honorable Mention IPA
Finalist 7th Julia Margaret Cameron Award 4 categories
Honorable Mention Fine Art Photography Awards
Remarkable Award Siena Photography Awards
Honorable Mention ND Awards 6 categories
Silver Star. ND Awards.
Shortlisted Sony World Photography Awards.
Honor. Mention IPA Category People Children
Finalist Travel Photographer go the Year.
Honor. Mention Best of Photography
Honor. Mention IPA Category One shot/one world.
Nominee Nature Images Awards
Nominee Oasis Photo Contest.
Honor. Mention. Winner of PX Paris.
Honor. Mention. Wildlife IPA .
Honor. Mention. People IPA
Bronze Medal. Art en Capital. Grand Palais. Paris
Photographer of the month National Geographic French website.
1st Prize National Geographic. France