Honorable Mention / 2018 / Fine Art / Abstract

Nature Dissected

  • Company
    Christa Mae Imagery
  • Photographer
    Christa Mae Imagery

Nature Dissected is a photographic translation -- a sculptural
process where I select various macro images and place them
together to create a new visual statement. This work reflects my
vision of nature as objects of design, based upon my
interpretation of color, design and feeling. Focusing on the
intimate details of plant life, I see how the man-made world of
design is influenced by these nuances and I feel the foundation of
masculine and feminine energy emerge as I create them. For me,
nature is the greatest teacher when it comes to art.

Freelance photographer located in Venice, CA.

Awards Ryan James Fine Arts, "Visual Impressions" 2018 Exhibition - Nature Dissected series image, "Wood-Magenta-Red"
• APA LA's, "Off The Clock" 2018 winner for Nature Dissected series, "Green Vines Darkness" image.
• Featured in Nature LA’s fine-art photography series, “Nature Dissected”, September 2010.
• Selected as guest lecturer for the Sierra Club of Los Angeles, October 2010.