Honorable Mention / 2018 / Press / War

The Uncounted

  • Photographer
    Giles Price
  • Credit
    Series ran as a cover feature in The New York Times Magazine

In an effort to defeat ISIS in Syria and Iraq, to date, the US coalition has launched more than 27,500 air strikes. It has gone on record in the media declaring this the most accurate air campaign in history. These images show the aftermath of wrongly targeted civilian homes in and around Mosul, including that of Basim Razzo
stood inside what’s left of his kitchen for the first time since a coalition air strike hit his home on 20 September 2015. Responsibility for the attack, which killed his wife Mayada,
daughter Tuga and in a neighbouring house, his brother Mohannad and nephew Najid, was acknowledged by the coalition only after 15 months of Razzo pursuing the truth. The coalition has since expressed regret for the unintentional loss of life and offered him - the first of its kind in Iraq or Syria - a condolence payment of $15,000, which he declined.