Honorable Mention / 2018 / Fine Art / Other_FA

Free Fall

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    Mare Veen
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    Mare Veen
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"What if you let go? What happens if you live life in a free fall, letting go of yesterday’s worries and tomorrow’s fears. Being is like free falling; you trust and surrender, you move with the wind, you breathe out and let go." For this project I took on a personal journey that started off with the concept of Not-Being - because of frameworks, thoughts, emotions - and eventually looking for answers to the question 'What is Being?'. During the process I was inspired by philosophers such as Merleau-Ponty and Heidegger who state that humans have forgotten how to Be. The feeling of Not-Being was personally more present and hence emphasized throughout the journey. These images are part of a larger body of work including a monologue and short video.

I am an independent Visual Artist from the Netherlands. I have a background in theatre and graduated from the photo Academy in Amsterdam spring 2017.

I use photography and video and often write monologues to go with a series of images. A monologue helps me to organize my research on the subject. More importantly however, it allows me to crawl into the skin and deepen my understanding of an individual's feelings with regard to the central theme.

My work revolves around philosophical themes such as Being and Not-Being.

As an artist, I try to respond to locations that I carefully choose. I intervene using materials alien to the location. I direct my models thereby often challenging their physical abilities. I seek to find a relationship between a subject or an object and location that is interesting because it is surprising, in perfect harmony or in a way alienating.