Honorable Mention / 2018 / Fine Art / Architecture_FA

Green Tokyo.

  • Photographer
    Rudolf Sulgan

The ambitions of Tokyo are aimed at the establishment of smart
projects by 2020 and beyond. The city strategies rely on
improving infrastructure, making energy efficient initiatives and
policies which include high-efficiency systems, local power
storage and electric vehicles and enhancing overall smart urban
development that can make the city strong enough to combat
the future climate changes and ever-increasing population.
Tokyo was the first city in the region to adopt green initiatives
with its maiden Building Environmental Plant issued in June
2002. It aimed at constructing a green infrastructure for
buildings that can help in curbing the adverse effects on climate
and environment. Another law enforced by the Tokyo
government is that all new buildings are mandatorily required to
undergo environmental performance evaluation. With this, every
newly constructed building must have an environmental plan in
the form of document which displays the evaluation report
pertaining to the building.

Rudolf Sulgan is a photographer and visual artist born in Slovakia.
After completed his studies, he moved to USA and started working as an art restorer at Sotheby’s. Exposure to the artworks and working with colors made a great impact how he sense and observe the light, letting it dictate the mood while trying to create soulful images.
For the past ten years, his focus has been mainly on photographing stylish travel stories around the globe.