Honorable Mention / 2018 / Fine Art / Digitally Enhanced

Surreal Fashion

  • Company
    Miss Aniela Ltd
  • Photographer
    Miss Aniela
  • Credit
    Stylist for Poster & Plumage and Thawed Fortress: Minna Attala. Stylist for State of Grace: Claudia Walder. Swan Lake: Stylist Leonid Gurevich, with co-production by Miss Aniela Ltd and CreativeLive.

Miss Aniela’s 'Surreal Fashion' evokes both couture photography
and art history in detailed compositions staged in stately houses
across England, France and the US, dramatically digitally
processed to evoke an artistic allusion to Baroque masters,
English landscape painting and Rococo Revival. Calling on
elemental and animalistic motifs of water, wings, goddesses and
mythical creatures of half man and half beast, the images can be
perceived as a contemporary commentary on art history
challenging our notion of boundaries between art and fashion.
The resultant images represent hundreds of hours of
preparation, physical in-situ installation, and post-production in
a meticulously diligent fusion of location, model and digital