Honorable Mention / 2018 / Press / Nature/Environmental


  • Photographer
    Martin Eberlen

OUR LAND & (S)OIL - On 27th July, 2017, I began what would end
up being a 1,600 mile journey by bicycle along the route of the
Dakota Access Pipeline. Starting in North Dakota, I travelled to
Stanley, heading west to Williston, then through South Dakota and
Iowa, eventually ending in Patoka, Illinois. OUR LAND & (S)OIL
documents the individuals, communities, towns and land
surrounding the Dakota Access Pipeline. Through photography,
publicly available documents, interviews and found material, the
project tells the stories of those directly affected by the pipeline
(for better or for worse), whilst subtly observing mid-west
American culture from an outsider’s perspective.

Awards Honourable Mention in the documentary category for work from OUR LAND & (S)OIL in International Photographer of the Year Competition, announced in February 2018.