Honorable Mention / 2018 / Nature / Trees

Early spring submerged forest

  • Photographer
    Kazuaki Koseki
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    Photostudio Koseki
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Submerged forest of Shirakawa Lake which appears only for one month of spring that will be
filled with snow melting water.Snow melting spring of early spring, only temporary
submerged forest. The beautiful water color and the submerged forest projected on the
surface of a quiet lake occasionally wrapped in fog showing a fantastic and spectacular
sight. yamagata,japan,2017

Kazuaki Koseki

1977 born in Yamagata, Japan.
His work is devoted to the landscape of Yamagata and Tohoku, Japan. Evoking the five senses through the four seasons, he photographs the world—weaving the mountains, the forests, and the rivers together.

This is because I became familiar with fly fishing from 20s and naturally felt awe.
This is to convey and protect the many problems that I have felt while walking in mountains, forests and rivers, such as "nature that changes due to Global warming" and "environmental problems".

Awards Including the award at Wildlife Photographer of the Year 2021,LensCulture Critics' Choice 2021, BigPicture Nature world Photography Competition 2021,Photoville FENCE 2020,

He has received numerous awards at home and abroad.
It has received international acclaim, including photo exhibitions in the World Economic Forum Davos,the Natural History Museum in London, the California Academy of Sciences, 11 cities in North America, and Russia, as well as being published in the National Geographic web edition and the Japanese edition of National Geographic magazine.

2022 Published the art book "Forest of Misty Vision" (TOSEI Publishing Co.)

Kazuaki Koseki Photography