Honorable Mention / 2018 / Fine Art / Still Life


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  • Photographer
    Kazuyoshi Kuwahara

Left coffee cups on the table at Cafe, there were two persons who were talking across the
table. I took this just after they had left the table.

This is an ordinary scene at cafe, and even if you were there, you would not feel anything.
But once we capture it in photo, this photo stirs our imagination so much.
A wife and husband? Lovers? Business? Friend?
What were they talking about.? What they would be? Why did they choose there? What
conversation did they make?

I think what photo distinguishes from other arts is a sense of time flow from past to
future, even though a shutter is at a time.

Also the things people used are surprisingly eloquent in various things, such as the sense
of distance and familiarity between two people.
By not taking people, I tried to put the feeling of those time flow of the two.

Awards ・ International Photography Award 2018 FineArt Still Life
「The remains of the time」Honorable Mention
・The Paris Photo Prize (P×3)2018 Fine Art「conversation」 Honorable
・International Photographer of The Year 2017 Fineart Conceptual「conversation」 Honorable Mention
・International Photography Award 2017 Fineart Still Life
「conversation」「conversation in a rainy day」Honorable Mention
・Magnum Photography Awards 2017 Editor’s pics 「Deep thought 」
・Japan Photographer Associates selected