Honorable Mention / 2018 / Press / People/Personality


  • Photographer
    Hossein Fardinfard

Doukhobors are a small Russian community in exile since 1840s
because of their beliefs. While about a third of the Doukhobors
emigrated to Canada at this time, those who remained in
Eastern Europe resettled in Gorelovka, a tiny village in the
Javakheti region in what is now the south of Georgia. As the
Gorelovka Doukhobor community dwindles, only about 40
families remain, and of those, only about 10 persons continue
to regularly attend ceremonies at their shrine. Dasha is the only
young member of their community to continue carrying on their
traditions. As they say, she is their last hope. Dasha is a Russian
name and it means “God’s gift”.

Awards - SONY Photography Awards 2017 (Commended photographer in 2 categories)
- International Photography Awards (IPA)
- Monochrome Photography Awards
- All about photo
- EyeEm community - Photo of the year
- ND awards