Honorable Mention / 2018 / Nature / Wildlife

The Kingdom of Kong

  • Photographer
    Chris Schmid

Mountain gorillas are listed as critically endangered by the IUCN.
Mountain gorillas are not usually hunted for bushmeat, but they
are frequently maimed or killed by traps and snares intended for
other animals. They have been killed for their heads, hands, and
feet, which are sold to collectors. Infants are sold to zoos,
researchers, and people who want them as pets. Conservation
efforts have led to an increase in overall population of the
mountain gorilla in the Virungas and at Bwindi. The overall
population is now believed to be at least 880 individuals. I've been
following this gorilla family in Mt Gahinga in Uganda, trying to
capture the beauty of their environment as well. Because if we
want to preserve the mountain gorillas we must firs preserve our

Sony Ambassador and represented by National Geographic Creative, Chris Schmid, has dedicated his life to documenting the natural beauty of our planet. His photographs are an invitation to discover the world with wide eyes and vibrant enthusiasm. His aim is always the same: to approach nature right at its heart in order to raise awareness around the fragility of our earth and inspire action to preserve it.

Specializing in wildlife and documentary photojournalism, the quality of Chris� work is reflected in the widespread recognition he has received. His photographs have been published in magazines such as National Geographic, BBC and GEO, and he has won numerous awards for his photography. But these prizes have never been his motivation. His tireless efforts to document and protect the few remaining areas of wilderness are fueled by a love for the natural world and a desire to protect what's left.

Chris is deeply committed to wildlife conservation and works closely with WildAid, an environmental organization based in San Francisco with the aim of reducing demand for illegal wildlife products. Chris is also a contributor to the Remembering Elephants and Remembering Great Apes projects, the Born Free Foundation fund-raising book and exhibition, illustrated by the worlds finest wildlife photographers.