Honorable Mention / 2018 / Press / General News

A detention center

  • Company
    KnK Japan
  • Photographer
    Kyo Shimizu

A detention center in the Philippines is the place where age betwee 15
to 28 minor s are detained. But you can easily find kids below 15 years
old. Even kids who are victim of rape.

He has been helping children in the world for 20 years. Then he expanded his work as a humanitarian photographer in 2016.

Born in Tokyo in 1970. Worked at Nature Cine Pro. He was in the last generation operating Super 16mm for science and nature TV programs, such as “NHK Special”.In 1998, he moved UK doing volunteer work as a career, then joined MSF (Doctors without Borders) Japan in charge of audiovisual section filming its activities in Asia and Africa.

Since 2003 he has specially worked supporting children in the world as a member of an NGO, KnK Japan (Children without Borders).

Awards 2018 : Ken Domon Cultural Awards, 2nd place
Px3 professional, Honorable Mention
IPA, Honorable Mention
2017 : IPA Professional, Honorable Mention
2016 : IPA Professional, Honorable Mention
2015 : Nikkei National Geographic Photo Award, Excellent prize
IPA Non-Professional, Honorable Mention

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