Honorable Mention / 2018 / Press / Feature Story

Shibuya Robou

  • Photographer
    Nobuo Iseki

I got to work and started to commute to Shibuya.
As I go through every day, I found many things I never know. The
construction site of the redevelopment around Shibuya station that
lasts until around 2027. On the other hand, Once you enter the
alley the small living roads still remain and being used by local
people. The new things and the old things are mixed up.
In ten years, there will be completely changed from now. And it
will be quite exciting places. However, I'm excited to today's
Shibuya that is on the road to development. So many people,
shops, neons, noizes and construction site. It's chaotic. Robou
means roadside and I think there are attractive Robou in Shibuya.