Honorable Mention / 2018 / Fine Art / Landscape

Alpine Strukturen

  • Company
    Ingo Rasp Photography
  • Photographer
    Ingo Rasp

These photographs are part of the long-term photography project “Alpine Structures”, using
mainly abstract aerial images to focus on the processes that shape our alpine environment.
The structures of the landscape are interpreted as textures, lines and shapes,
transforming the photographs into abstract images which call into question our perception
of time and space.

The Mountains are diverse, profound and colourful but sometimes also stale, colourless,
black and white. They are constantly transforming under the impact of the elements and are
symbolic of the universal process of becoming and decaying—each picture of the mountains
is an effort to make a photographic record of their temporary existence and the
evanescence of single moments.

A scene can change any second and therefore it becomes unique. Each moment in time and
space exists just once.