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Still Lives: About Face

  • Company
    Lynn Karlin Photography
  • Photographer
    Lynn Karlin

I find most of my subjects through friends, at farmers markets,
restaurants and bars. I “pick them up” and ask if they would like to
pose for me in my studio. I often don’t get to know my subjects
before the photo is taken. When working I think design, form,
light, negative space and then it’s over. A quickie, a one-night-
stand so to speak. I am satisfied and so is he.

My subjects are men and they are chosen for their distinctive,
distinguished features- their unique profile. Their eyes and texture
of their faces read like a topographical map. They have earned
every line on their face. Each profile tells a story. You sense their
strengths, courage and vulnerabilities. Some seem timeless from
another era.

These are impersonal portraits. My subject never gets to look at
the camera, the photographer never gets to look into the eyes of
the subject seated

I am a vegetable whisperer. For the past 10 years I have been photographing character studies of the misunderstood, taken-for-granted humble vegetable. The Pedestal Series shows in galleries and private collections world wide. This body of work honors and celebrates vegetables, fruit and edible plants by literally placing them high on pedestals.

Awards Lynn Karlin is an award winning commercial and fine art photographer in the US specializing in food & still life. Her fine art series show in galleries and private collections and have been written up in major publications worldwide.

2016 - 8th Edition Margaret Julia Cameron Award; Winner in Fine Art Category.

2016- International Color Award; Honorable Mention

2015 - International Color Awards; Honorable Mention

2015 - Prix De La Photographie Paris; Gold Award; Still Life

2014 - The Center for Fine Art Photography; Fort Collins, Colorado; International Still Life Competition; Best of Show.

2013 - San Francisco International Photography Exhibition, Gallery Photographica; Gold Medal Winner.

2013 - Photo District News, Objects of Desire; Food and Still Life Category.

2013 - Garden Writers Association Media Awards, Silver Awards of Achievement for Photography in 4 categories.

2012 - Merit Award, Color + B/W Magazine.