Honorable Mention / 2018 / Fine Art / Other_FA

In the Thick of It

  • Photographer
    Christos J. Palios
  • Credit
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I’ve been taking peeks into and exploring the studios, workshops and storefronts of various artisans, peddlers, shopkeepers, merchants, and artists.

I’m intrigued by how individuals manage personal and business environments; from the spaciously-arranged and painstakingly catalogued to jumbled yet organized chaos, each has her (sub)conscious approach.

To the casual passerby, a well-used space may appear in overwhelming disarray—a seemingly inharmonious and cramming of every nook and cranny available—whereas to the owner, a formulaic system may be in sensible occupation. Environments are often perceived as reflections of one’s state of mind, personality traits, and general lifestyle preferences.

For many, such spaces incite fascination through exploration and serendipity. Methods of organization, it would seem, are in themselves as subjective as any topic.

Inspired from within the studio of a Colombian artist I’ve known, I intend this series as a wandering study into these mesmerizing, complex spaces as one facet of culture and human diversity.

I was raised as a first-generation Greek-American; these two distinct cultures forged my personal perspectives. Socioeconomics, cultural diversity, history, & architecture fuel my intellectual & emotional intrigue, while informing my creative process. My work probes themes of identity, connection, nostalgia & isolation. I have exhibited my work locally & nationally. Venues include Blue Sky Gallery, Baltimore Museum of Art & the Grimaldis Gallery, Candela Gallery, Klompching Gallery’s “Fresh”, & the HCP. My work also resides in several private and corporate collections nationwide.

Awards 2018
Finalist, Critical Mass Finalist
Shortlist, Athens Photo Festival, Athens, Greece

2nd Place, International Photography Awards (Lucie Foundation), Still Life
Shortlist, Athens Photo Festival, Athens, Greece
Silver Award in Fine-Art, Prix de la Photographie Paris (PX3), From the series "Conversations"
Semi-Finalist, Trawrick Prize
Finalist, PCNW 21st Annual Juried Photography Exhibition (Curated by Sandra Phillips, SFMoMA)

3rd Place, 1st Edition Winner, Photography Grant, London, UK 
Finalist, Sondheim Prize, Exhibition at the Baltimore Museum of Art 
Finalist, Annual Summer Show 'Fresh' (Online Showcase/Catalog), Klompching Gallery
Semi-Finalist, Trawrick Prize