Honorable Mention / 2018 / Fine Art / Abstract


  • Photographer
    Peter Berger

Everytime I travel to Paris I'm fascinated by the typical
architecture from the Haussmann era. Though every house is
different the facades are always homogeneous. The area of this
architectural style is so huge that we still can feel the impact
and vision of the famous city planner Georges-Eugène Baron

With abstracting the individual facades a new visual harmony
appears. The "HAUSSMANNdalas" are circular interpretations of
architecture photography and my personal homage to Paris.

Born, raised and stuck in Vienna, Austria.

In 1986 I was fascinated by the underwater world in Croatia and made me use a camera for the first time.
The love for the sea and photography accompanied my life since then.
Only 30 years later photograhy became my profession.

Today I'm specialized in advertising, portraits, weddings and teaching.