Honorable Mention / 2018 / Fine Art / Collage

Here To There

  • Company
    Worn Images Inc
  • Photographer
    Robin L Becker
  • Credit
    Exhibitions_ Here To There_2107 Afar 2015_ Journey 2012_ Shadows and Light 2011_ Painted Light 2010_ Two Visions One Love_2010

Here To There is a series of panoramic photo collages on
immigration of Ellis Island Hospital. In each of these pieces the
architectural light, whether natural or painted, evokes time and
memory, revealing rooms where these people look out at us or
sometimes appear floating, ghost-like, suggesting their unknown
but universal story of searching for the American Dream.

Awards Recent Exhibitions- _Here To There2017 _Afar 2015 _Journey 2012 _Shadows and Light2011 _Two Visions One Love 2010