Honorable Mention / 2018 / Fine Art / Nudes


  • Photographer
    Roberto Greco

With the Œillères series, the flowers I shot
becomes an allegory of the human condition.
Suspending the moment of decay, wherein that
volatile yet neglected moment of decline is
magnified. What is beauty?
At a time when what
surrounds me appears, smooth and lean the
bodies depicted echo the flora.With shrouded
faces, focus remains on the corporeal, the

Œillères is a series comprised of 31 images, and
a bespoke scent, "L'Objet Parfumant"
accompanies the photographic series. It was
created under my artistic direction by Parisian
perfumer after two years of hard work, the
amount of time required to achieve the desired
effect: an anti-flower fragrance.  
The leather box is conceived as a limited edition
of 19 pieces, each numbered set consists of a
glass object containing the fragrance and 3
random prints. It will be available at exhibitions,
where the whole series will be framed in variable
sizes range from 25x30cm to 130x105cm

Roberto Greco (1984, IT / CH) graduated in Visual Communications, Photography Department at the Cantonal School of Art and Design Lausanne (ECAL) in 2010 after a CFC as a photographer at the Academy of Applied Arts Vevey (CEPV) in 2007.
He exhibits his works « After still life » (2011-12) « MORBIDEZZA » (2013) and « Flowers » (2014) in several group exhibitions like at Jungkunst in Winterthur, Photoforum Pasquart in Bien, Les Nuits Photographiques in Paris, Arte Laguna Price in Venice, Art333 Gallery and Swiss Photo Awards in Zurich, BAC in Geneva, Viewpoint Gallery in Canada and Art Photo Gallery in New York. He had a solo shows at SOON Gallery in Bern and zurich, and FORMA in Lausanne. 
He was awarded the first prize of HZC - Helena Zanelli Created in 2009. His photographs have been published repeatedly in magazines including Colors, Ojodepez, Raise, Selfpublished and more.
His photographs were bought by several collections like the Art Swiss Post Collection (2013), The Alimentarium of Vevey (2013), and The Commission of Art of Winterthur (2012).
Now he lives between Paris and Geneva 

Awards IPA awards 2014, Los Angeles (honorable mention) Arte Laguna Prize, 2013, Venice IPA awards 2012, Los Angeles (honorable mention) First price at the HZC - Helena Zanelli Creation 2009 (Switzerland) COLLECTIONS : Swiss Post Collection, 2013, Switzerland L'Alimentarium, 2013 Vevey Commission of Art of Winterthur, 2012