Honorable Mention / 2018 / Fine Art / Other_FA


  • Company
    Sisters Of The Woods
  • Photographer
    SOTW- Melissa Amber River Lee

To change a relative place, perception or normal order of… Transposed is an ongoing series exploring images seen through the lens of a surrealists interpretation, a play on familiar landscapes and the study of human imagination using natural form.

Our abstract works take on various altered and inverted expressions, where a new visual code is at play, combining photographic art and design elements in a process of image layering. Each piece in this series invites the viewer to engage in the act of meditative daydreaming aka pareidolia; the imagined perception of pattern and meaning where it does not seemingly exist — to be transported into worlds of their own creation within our work.

A change in perspective leads to a change in experience– known for their depth of concept and philosophical undertones Melissa Amber [b. 1983] + River Lee [b. 1989] are contemporary fine art photographers from B.C. Canada. The women began their artistic collaboration known as “Sisters Of The Woods” in early 2015 while healing and overcoming life altering concussions together using the curative power of nature and art. Their subjects range from self-portrait conceptual works, each taking turns in front and behind the lens and pure creative abstractions of nature. Editors of Dodho Photography Magazine describe their works as having “Originality, Creativity, Execution Excellence and Global Impact.” Their large chromalux metal works have won them over 16 international photography honours/awards and are being shown and collected from Canada to Europe.

Awards Honorable Mention Winner PX3, 2016
Honorable Mention Winner PX3, 2017