Honorable Mention / 2017 / Portraiture / Culture

Kathputli Colony

Kathputli is a colony on the outskirts of New Delhi, inhabited by street artists from
Photos of this series mainly portray the people, those who in a few months will be driven
from their poor homes to make way for a huge hypermarket.

Born in Rome in 1967, I have been using the film for over 30 years. From just 4 years migrated (almost) permanently to digital, I combine the journey with love for freedom and curiosity.
I never consider my pictures “stolen” but rather, donate. After all, by shooting with wide-angle lenses, theft would be impossible. I try to stay as close as possible to the subject, establishing a relationship that helps me to tell about reality as much as possible.

Awards IPA
FIAF several prizes
Humanity Photo Award
CHIUSI Photo Contest