Honorable Mention / 2017 / Fine Art / Nudes

Love that dare not speak its name

'Love that dare not speak its name' is the photographer's take on the Indian IPC Section
377 law which, criminalizes consensual same-sex love among adults. In the wake of this
draconian law, several gay men and LGBT couples continue to hide their identities and
silently suffer through out their lives- punished for being who they are and whom they love.

Awards Judhajit Bagchi is a filmmaker by profession and Non-Pro Photographer. Accomplishments as Filmmaker: Winner of Cannes Dolphin, International Business Award, Telly Award; Communicator Award; Summit Creative Award; Accolade Global Competition; Hermes Award; Aurora Awards, Musee Creative Award, Videographer Award; Marcomm Award; Ava Digital Award; IDPA Award, ABCI Award; Kasshish MIQFF