Honorable Mention / 2017 / Fine Art / Collage

Allegories of life, lessons of nature

A fantastic and imaginary world where animals, common objects and nature meet in surreal
"Allegories of life, lessons of nature" is a series of photos with allegorical and
metaphorical meanings about life.
Living in the countryside, surrounded by 15 dogs, 2 cats, chickens, horses and all kinds
of farm animals, fruit and olive trees and plantations are an inexhaustible source of
ideas and inspiration for my work.
I love to dress animals and common objects with symbolic meanings so they can take life
completely integrated in the narrative plot.
My sensitivity to the defense of animals and my love and commitment to the preservation of
nature are reflected in these works.

Alessandra Favetto is a self-taught fine art photographer and visual artist.

Born in Italy in 1968, working and living in Spain, Sevilla, since 2005. Artistically she started her journey in fine art photography in 2013 when she discovered her passion for self-portrait, image manipulation and digital art.
She is best known for her extensive work in self-portraits and for her surreal photo montages.

Her style is true, passionate and very emotional. In her images there are always concepts and meanings that go far behind what a viewer can see, leaving a door open for a subjective interpretation.

Awards Awards

2014 - Silver medal in the "Fine Art - Collage" Non Professional category of Prix de la Photographie Paris 2014
2013 - "XXXIV Certamen nacional de arte contemporáneo Ciudad de Utrera" - Awarded work, group exhibition and published catalogue.
2013 - "II Concurso fotográfico Revista Digital el Perro de Agua" - Winner
2013 - "Concurso Rally Lobos&Rapaces" - 14th place
2012 - "Concurso de fotografía Virgen Extra" - 3rd place


2014 - Group exhibition "Madrid 11 matzo 2004" - Centro culturale Altinate/San Gaetano - Padova, Italia
2014 - Duo exhibition - Cobertura photo - Sevilla, Spain
2014 - Group exhibition | "Miradas de Mujeres" - Weber-Lutgen Gallery | Sevilla, Spain.
2013 - Group exhibition | "Anual Project" - Cobertura Photo | Sevilla, Spain.
2013 - Group exhibition | "XXXIV Certamen nacional de arte contemporáneo Ciudad de Utrera" | Utrera, Sevilla, Spain. Published catalogue