Honorable Mention / 2016 / Book (series Only) / People

Behind The Indian Veil

Behind The Indian Veil chronicles award-winning photographer
Sephi Bergerson’s extraordinary journey through uncharted
wedding traditions in India. It reveals the differences and
similarities in Indian wedding traditions, while seeking the
common essence of this grand, colourful, fantastic celebration.

After living in India for more than 13 years, with almost seven of
which spent working on this project, Sephi has arguably
experienced, witnessed and documented a greater variety of
Indian weddings than any other person on earth. As he traveled
the length and breadth of India, he was invited into sacred places
and intimate moments normally inaccessible to outsiders,
witnessing traditions buried so deep in the subconscious of the
subcontinent that even people from India don’t necessarily know
about them. This incredible array of stories he was able to capture
reveals cultures, traditions, and legacies as complex and diverse
as India herself.
Behind The Indian Veil features images and written stories from a