Honorable Mention / 2016 / Fine Art / Nudes

The Candle Holder

  • Company
    Tasweeri Photography
  • Photographer
    Mohammed Munir El Kadi
  • Credit
    Anastasiia Dashkevych

The concept behind this series is to capture the interaction between
the model and an abstract still object (the candle holders). I wanted
to emphasize on the anatomy of the human body using different
lights to express the changing moods of my model. Finally the story
ends with all the lights (and the candles) are off. Here I used a very
low intensity flash to show the outlines of the human body.

I restarted my artistic journey in photography as a form of Sufi meditation and a celebration of our similarities and differences as a human race, as well as those in the physical world around us and what they mean. Chaos and harmony work side by side in a tango of iversity
and subtle uniformity. To me photography is a way to transcend from mundane existence to spiritual richness.
I am an advocate of the principle concept that photography, in its deepest artistic form, is a three point bridge between the artist, the subject and the eye of the beholder.

Awards June, 2016 Moscow International Foto Awards - Advertisement - Bronze and several Honorable Mentions

April, 2016 HONORABLE MENTION , Prix de la Photographie (red and Nude)

JUL, 2014 Shutter Hub Open, 2nd place

JUL, 2013 Judges' Award of Merit, Still Life Category, International Fine Art Photography Award,

OCT, 2012 HONORABLE MENTION WINNER OF 2012 International Photography Awards (LUCIE) - People, Culture Category