Honorable Mention / 2015 / Nature / Landscape_N

Sunrise on Amaharashi

Islet in Amaharashi coast. This is one of the most scenic seascapes in Japan and its
beauty has been versified in the Manyoshu by the poet Otomo no Yakamochi. I took this shot
in winter 2014: in that cold and cloudy morning the strong light of the sunrise pierced
the dense grey sky and revealed the beauty of the Tateyama mountains in the distance; the
islet with the bare pine tree stands lonely near the shoreline of the sea of Japan and a
Japanese Heron (Sagi) contemplates the stillness of this peaceful winter morning.

I'm Claudio, an italian guy born and grown up in the heart of the millennial city of Rome. As far back as I can remember I've ever been fascinated by photography and by the dreams of distant places. These passions remained in an ethereal form at the time of my education, during which I studied the techniques and did a lot of researches. Then, after the university, a life-changing event happened: I met Sara, the girl I love and with whom I share my passions and dreams. We have decided to set off and begin a journey to know the world we're living. From that moment on I'm telling the story of this journey through my photos, capturing the beauty of the famous and secret places where we get lost (most of the times...).