Honorable Mention / 2014 / Fine Art / Abstract


The relationship that exists between photography, means of
representation of reality, and the multiple exposure allows me to
experiment and most of all to express and emphasize the idea
that I want to represent. MIRRORS is a series of photographs of
architectural structures unused: factories and industrial spaces
obsolete and abandoned to decay, in which the rust penetrates the
iron skeletons;
the search for a new form is accomplished through the multiple
exposure of photo frame that brings out prospects symmetric and

Elisabetta Riccio is a freelance photographer from Turin, Italy.

She was born in Turin in 1986 and graduated from the Politecnico di Torino with a degree in Architecture, but photography has always been her rst love. She travels around the world to get inspiration for her artistic and photojournalism projects, using different printing techniques with both lm and digital media.

From her hometown in Italy to Asia and North America, she focuses on the transformation of urban and social spaces. Elisabetta riccio has crafted narratives throught loose and mysterious suburban scenes, desolate space

Awards ND AWARD Honorable Mention : Wedding story
ND AWARD Honorable Mention : Mirrors
PX3 PARIS: Honorable Mention : Mirrors