Honorable Mention / 2012 / Nature / Landscape_N

Fields of Color

  • Photographer
    A. Cemal Ekin

The Great Salt Lake ecosystem, with high salinity and other mineral deposits, creates a great range of hues through evaporation. The natural process of evaporation is the parceled out and controlled for production of specific minerals; and the result is the Fields of Color.

Photography brings the camera and the subject intimately close, the photographer becoming the tool and voyeur of this intimate relationship. What I see is not what the camera records. While the camera is a tool for me, I am a tool for the camera. The result of this symbiotic relationship is my photography.

I photograph my environment. By looking at my photographs, you will see what the camera recorded and what I saw. In that sense, photography becomes a mirror to my past. Through this, I want to tell you the stories of the faces and places I have seen.

All this will work based on seeing, mine, that of the camera, and yours.

Exhibits and publications:
Infrared Earthscapes, LensWork Extended edition. 80+ photographs, audio interview. 2011.

Touching The History: Photographs From The Dome Of Hagia Sophia, 2010 in Cleveland, Providence, Boston

Faces & Places From Turkey II Exhibit, 2008. One-man exhibit, 22 photographs, Mathewson Street United Methodist Church in Providence, RI, July, 2008

Faces & Places From Turkey, 2007

On Seeing, 2004. One-man exhibit, 36 photographs at the Hunt-Cavanaugh Art Gallery, January - February, 2004

Professor of Marketing, Providence College, RI. 1976-