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Glacier azur

Glacier Azur is an abstract artwork derived from an ice cave to scupltures. Glaciers are in constant motion. Key characteristics are transient, changeable and dynamic. I observe patters and forms in nature. Contemporary architecture is a source of inspiration I take into my photographic work.
These artwork will give you positive feelings of gratitude for the beauty and wonder of the natural world. The work takes you to the infinite depth where the light enters. These are the opportunities and experiences that life offers.

Deeply inspired by nature in general, the ocean in particular, contemporary architecture, and cross-cultural relations, I focus with my fine art photography on the extraordinary landscape phenomena while traveling. I attempt to give a new (sur)realism by accentuating the aesthetic of our precious blue planet with intuitive photography. My work is based on 3 themes: Altitude ā€“ Earth ā€“ Ocean. In this way I want to express my emotions and convey a powerful message. My photographic artworks are subjected to a rigorous selection for a sophisticated and exclusive collection of fine art prints.

Awards Final results of FEP (Federation of European Photographers) Awards 2023

In the category Nature, I won 2 Individual Image Awards 'Distinction'
In the Category Landscape, I won 1 Individual Image Award 'Merit'