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The January 6th Insurrection

Almost four years prior to January 6th, 2021, I stood in the audience and stared in disbelief as President Donald J. Trump, with right hand raised and left atop the Lincoln Bible, vowed to uphold the Constitution and to end societal "American carnage." In these images, I document that same inaugural stage from which that caricature of a leader spoke of doom and gloom as it becomes the set piece from a dystopian "It Can't Happen Here" story of domestic terrorism--an inside job. This rarified space reserved for solemn and dignified assembly is flooded with, you guessed it, American carnage.

Nate Gowdy photographs American politics and protest. His images have been featured in Rolling Stone, Mother Jones, PBS NewsHour, Die Zeit, Thom Hartmann, NPR, CNN, and TIME, where his Bernie Sanders portrait graced the cover in 2016. He is co-founder of The American Superhero Project and co-author of Our Students, Their Stories, a book celebrating Seattle Public Schools’ LGBTQIA+ students, families, and staff. He serves as the official photographer for Seattle Pride, and his documentary fine art is represented at Monroe Gallery in Santa Fe.

Awards American Photography (Selected: 2023 [x4], 2022 [x2], 2021 [x2], 2019 [x2], 2018, 2016 [x2], 2015, 2014, 2012; Chosen 2020 [x2])
Communication Arts Photo Annual (2022, 2021, 2017 [x2], 2016)
International Photography Awards (2022: 1st Place, Book, Self Published; 3rd Place, Editorial/Press, War/Conflict; Honorable Mention, Book, Documentary; Best of Show [Guest Curator, Dr. Mark Sealy]; 2019: Honorable Mention, People/Portrait)
Lucie Photo Book Prize (2022: Independent Category Finalist)
Society of Professional Journalists Western Washington’s 2022 Passion Project Grant
Philipson Foundation’s 2022 Public Documentation Grant
Seattle’s City Arts Magazine’s 2016 Artist of the Year
TIME Magazine cover, Bernie Sanders in LA (June 6th, 2016)
Eddie Adams Workshop XVI attendee (2013)
PDN Photo Annual Winner (2013)
PDNedu Student Photo Contest Winner (2013)
PDN The Scene Winner [x2] (2012)