Curator Selection / 2023 / /

The Dust Never Settles

This series looks at the lives and livelihoods obliterated during conflicts, an attempt for the ones who survive to rebuild in the harshest of political and social climates, and amidst a climate crisis that rages across the world to have it all torn down again due to continued conflict, floods or droughts. When one is stuck in that vicious cycle and constant provocations, it isn't as simple to get out of it as options simply aren't there.
These are the faces of people who are left with their sole resilience and will to live, albeit in fear and through struggles we can only imagine.

I am a humanitarian photographer and writer. I tell forgotten stories through photography and unprejudiced narratives. I advocate for those in need through my work as a photojournalist. I believe in changing minds and opening hearts through understanding and respect.