Curator Selection / 2023 / /

Searching for an Afghan Soul

The Taliban has reclaimed Afghanistan now for over a year. New edicts have slowly been introduced, taking away the basic rights to education, work and leisure, restricting men's choices to personal grooming, banning music and festivals, placing undue stress on an already fragile health and economic system, all of which creating a downward spiral for all Afghans alike. This project was my attempt to learn about Afghanistan, untainted by preconceptions. The repercussions of war are incalculable. Layer on vast impacts of the climate crisis. Piece by piece, the Afghan soul is being striped away.

I am a humanitarian photographer and writer. I tell forgotten stories through photography and unprejudiced narratives. I advocate for those in need through my work as a photojournalist. I believe in changing minds and opening hearts through understanding and respect.